More about Me


I love playing soccer and watching soccer games. I have been a goalkeeper in the middle school team and the mainland soccer team at HKUST. Now I am the goalkeeper in AQUA XI at UIUC. I also played as a goalkeeper in the IMLeague. I am a big fan of Chelsea and Beijing Guoan. Frank Lampard is my favorite player.

Other than soccer, I also work out at the gym.


I am an amateur of the piano. I have the absolute pitch.

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music in my spare time and when working out at the gym. Jay Chou and Linkin Park are my favorite.

TV Series

I love Deadpool (both the comic one and the one Ryan Reynolds plays). I am a big fan of Marvel.

I also love the TBBT series. TBBT is one of the reasons why I want to do a Ph.D. (half-kidding).